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Adi Kailash Tour Package


Adi kailash Tour Package | OM Parvat Tour Package

Adi Kailash, also known as Chhota Kailash, is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the mighty Himalayas. This lesser-known pilgrimage site offers a unique blend of spirituality, natural beauty, and adventure. If you're seeking an offbeat destination that promises breathtaking landscapes and a chance to connect with your inner self, Adi Kailash is the place to be

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Adi Kailash yatra tour package - Trekking Package & Price 2023-2024

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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure to Adi Kailash yatra ? We offer you a meticulously crafted tour package that will take you on a journey to this mystical destination like never before. Dive into the heart of nature, spirituality, and tranquility as we unveil the wonders of Adi Kailash.

1. The Spiritual Significance of Adi Kailash :

Adi Kailash is renowned for its spiritual significance among both Hindus and Buddhists. It is believed to be the earthly counterpart of the sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet, which is considered the abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees undertake the challenging Adi Kailash Parikrama, a circumambulation trek around the mountain, to seek divine blessings and attain spiritual enlightenment. The trek involves visiting various temples and monasteries along the route, making it a spiritually enriching experience.

2. Natural Beauty beyond Imagination:

The journey to Adi Kailash takes you through dense forests, pristine rivers, and meadows adorned with colorful wildflowers. The breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear lakes are a photographer's dream. The region is home to diverse flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

3. Pilgrimage and Trekking:

Adi Kailash offers some of the most challenging and rewarding trekking experiences in the Himalayas. The Adi Kailash Parikrama is a 34-kilometer trek that tests the endurance and determination of trekkers. It is advisable to plan the trek during the summer months (June to September) when the snow has melted, and the weather is relatively pleasant. The route takes you through high-altitude passes, making it a thrilling adventure for trekking enthusiasts.

Our Adi Kailash tour package offers you the opportunity to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage while indulging in an exciting trekking experience. The journey to Adi Kailash involves trekking through dense forests, crossing glistening rivers, and camping in the lap of the Himalayas.

4. Unique Cultural Encounters:

During your journey to Adi Kailash, you will encounter the unique culture and traditions of the local communities. The region is inhabited by the Bhotia and Shauka tribes, whose warm hospitality and distinct way of life will leave a lasting impression. Interacting with these communities allows you to gain insights into their customs, cuisine, and way of life.

5. Practical Tips for Visiting Adi Kailash:

Permits: Ensure you obtain the necessary permits for the trek and check the local regulations before visiting. Acclimatization: Due to the high altitude, it's essential to acclimatize properly before embarking on the trek. Pack Wisely: Pack warm clothing, trekking gear, and essentials like water purification tablets and first aid kits. Guided Tours: Consider hiring a local guide or joining a guided tour for a safe and informative experience.

In conclusion, Adi Kailash is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored by adventure seekers, spiritual pilgrims, and nature lovers alike. Its awe-inspiring landscapes, cultural richness, and spiritual aura make it a destination worth adding to your bucket list. Embark on a journey to Adi Kailash, and you'll not only witness the grandeur of the Himalayas but also embark on a profound inner journey.

Plan Your Adi Kailash Adventure Today!

Don't miss the chance to explore Adi Kailash, a destination that offers a perfect blend of spirituality and natural beauty. With our tour package, you can embark on a memorable journey that will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper connection with the divine.Get in touch with us today to book your Adi Kailash tour package and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Experience the magic of Adi Kailash with us!

om parvat adi kailash | आदि कैलाश ट्रेक और ओम पर्वत यात्रा, हिमालय

Om Parvat, also known as Adi Kailash, is a sacred mountain located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists and holds immense religious and cultural importance. Here's some detailed information about Om Parvat:

1. Location:

Om Parvat is situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India, near the border with Tibet. It is a part of the Kailash Range of the Greater Himalayas.

2. Appearance:

The mountain gets its name, Om Parvat, due to a distinct natural occurrence on its southwest face. There is a large rock formation that appears to resemble the sacred Hindu symbol "Om" when viewed from a certain angle during specific lighting conditions. This natural occurrence has made the mountain even more revered among pilgrims.

Religious Significance:

Hinduism: Om Parvat is considered sacred by Hindus, and it is believed to be the home of Lord Shiva. Devotees undertake arduous treks to the mountain to seek blessings and perform rituals in honor of Lord Shiva.

Jainism: For Jains, Om Parvat is associated with their first Tirthankara, Adinath (Rishabhadeva). It is believed to be the place where Adinath attained nirvana (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

Buddhism: Some Buddhists also consider Om Parvat to be significant, as it is associated with Guru Padmasambhava, a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

4. Pilgrimage Trek:

The journey to Om Parvat is not easy and involves a challenging trek through rugged terrain and high altitudes. Pilgrims start their journey from Dharchula and pass through various villages like Tawaghat and Gunji before reaching the base camp at Nabhidhang. From there, they continue on a steep ascent to Om Parvat.

5. Best Time to Visit om parvat and Adi Kailash :

The best time to undertake the pilgrimage to Om Parvat is during the summer months, between May and September, when the weather is relatively mild. Winter is harsh, with heavy snowfall, making the region inaccessible.

6. Cultural Diversity:

The region around Om Parvat is inhabited by a diverse range of ethnic groups, including the Bhotias, Shaukas, and others. This cultural diversity adds to the richness of the pilgrimage experience.

7. Conservation Efforts:

Given the ecological significance of the region, there have been efforts to promote responsible tourism and preserve the fragile ecosystem around Om Parvat.

8. Spiritual Experience:

For many, the journey to Om Parvat is not just a physical pilgrimage but also a spiritual one. The breathtaking natural beauty and the deep sense of spirituality associated with the mountain make it a transformative experience for those who undertake the trek.

In conclusion, Om Parvat is a sacred mountain in Uttarakhand, India, revered by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists for its religious significance and unique natural formation resembling the symbol "Om." The trek to Om Parvat is a challenging but spiritually rewarding journey, attracting pilgrims and adventurers alike from around the world.

FAQ - Adi kailash yatra Tour package

How much does Kailash trip cost?

The cost of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is around 1.6 lakh to 2 lakh per person. However, it varies depending on various factors including the duration, the route, and the mode of transport you choose. You can complete the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by helicopter and by trekking also.

How long is the Adi Kailash yatra?

What is the best/ most favorable time to take Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra? A. Summertime is counted as the best time to visit Adi Kailash and Om Parvat. Pre-monsoon June and Post -monsoon September to October is the most pleasant time as the weather and temperature both will be in your favor.

What is the best time go to Adi kailash Om parvat

If you are plaing to go adi kailash om parvat tour package , Before june and post september-october are the best month for yatra.

Is discover-uttarakhand good agency for adi kailash yatra tour package

Discover-uttarkhand is uttarakhand one of the most trustworty travels agency in uttarakhand and you can get best pacakge for adi kailash from here.

Can we climb Adi Kailash?

Can we climb Adi Kailash & Om Parvat? No, it is not possible to climb Adi Kailash and Om Parvat. However one can climb up to Gauri Kund on Mount Adi Kailash at an elevation of 5245 meters above sea level.